How to Stay Warm if Your Power Goes Out This Winter

Winter storms leave thousands of Americans without power each year. Combatting cold temperatures in your home can be tough without electricity, and finding ways to stay warm is important. Here are some ways you can prepare for keeping your family warm when your home loses power in the winter.


Dress in Layers

It’s natural to worry about how you can heat your home when the power goes out, but there are plenty of ways to stay warm that don’t involve starting a fire in a fireplace or a wood stove. Start by getting some thermal wear, then put on a warm shirt and top it off with a sweater or cardigan. Don’t forget about your feet, hands, and head when layering your clothing, as those areas are where your body can lose the most heat.


Light Exercise

You can save on energy expenses and keep your body warm during a blackout by warming up your body naturally through exercise. Additionally, bundling up in several layers of clothing or extending your workout time can help you warm up even more—just don’t overdo it, or else you’ll start sweating, which will make you feel colder.


Drink Warm Liquids

You should always ensure that you stay hydrated. The cold is nearly as dehydrating as the heat, so you’ll need to get plenty of liquids. During the winter, drinking warm fluids is important to make sure your body temperature remains at a healthy level. Hot drinks will warm you up quickly, but cold drinks will cool you down, so stick to festive warm cocoa or some relaxing tea.


Get a Portable Power Station

If you find yourself worrying that a grid-based electrical system can’t meet all your needs due to winter power outages, the Vanpowers Super Power Pro 2000 Portable Power Station is the perfect power backup solution that can help you make it through this cold weather. With a capacity of 2096 Wh and an output power of 100–3000 watts, the Super Power Pro can start and power home appliances, such as refrigerators, electric kettles, and space heaters, while keeping phones and laptops charged for several days. The Super Power Pro’s large digital display gives you details about your power consumption and the power station’s estimated remaining runtime, so you can manage and ration your energy as necessary during longer outages. With all these options, you can enjoy the winter without worrying about running out of power.




Preparing for a power outage is essential to staying warm and safe during the winter. If you ever find yourself in need of heat but don’t have access to electricity, consider trying out any of these tips so you can stay comfortable.

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