Portable Power Station Explorer Outdoor Power YW500

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  • Portable power station, outdoor power supply, as a backup power supply for road trip, camping, barbecue, rice cooker, car refrigerator, indoor and outdoor charging. There is a light on the side, which can be used as a lighting tool when the power is cut off at home.

  • Multifunctional outdoor power supply:

  1.  500W pure sine wave AC output portable power supply, which can provide a stable power supply for various AC power supply equipment such as notebook computers, TVs, projectors, drone chargers, ovens, car refrigerators, etc. The power is less than 500W.

  2.  The standard 12V 10A USB port, 2.4A USB port and QC3.0 fast charging port can charge all your small car electronic devices, such as car coolers, air pumps, car vacuum cleaners, laptops, and phones. Enjoy a carefree camping trip.

  • Portable power supply for charging anytime and anywhere: Before using or storing the product, please use the charger to charge the product. When charging, the indicator light is yellow. The LCD screen will display the current charging ratio and charging power. When the LCD screen displays 100% battery, it means it is fully charged. The charging process takes approximately 6.5 hours. When you live outdoors, use 120W photovoltaic solar panels to charge in the sun for about 12 hours (in full sunlight)

  •  Enjoy a worry-free camping trip with a power station

  1. There are lights on the side, which can be used when the home is out of power (as a backup power source) or it can be used to illuminate the camping outdoors. Very practical.

  2. Outdoor barbecue party, turn on the small mixer, home ice machine, projector to watch a good movie, and have a barbecue party with friends or family on a starry summer night. Packing list: YW500 outdoor power supply, car charger, AC power adapter, user guide (Spanish not guaranteed)

  • Outdoor safety USB power supply:

  1. Pure sine wave inverter ensures safe power supply for laptops, electric ovens and other sensitive equipment without damage, which can reduce audible and electrical noise;
  2.  YW500 outdoor station has overvoltage protection, Overcurrent protection, overheating protection. If you use a device exceeding 500W, or when you use a high-power product continuously for a long time and severe heat occurs, it will stop working during use to protect your device.


  • Package Include:

1 * Binkols YW500 Explorer Outdoor Power
1 * Cigarette lighter cable
1 * AC adapter
1 * AC charging cable
1 * User Manual